Renting and Driving a Bike in Bali

A Guide to Scooter Rental in Bali – the Best Way of Exploring the Island!

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Renting and Driving a Bike in Bali
Here’s how to rent a motorcycle in Bali, covering tips on renting those fairly little and also active mobility scooters that are ubiquitous to Southeast Asia, as well as which reign supreme over web traffic scenes throughout the island. While renting out an auto in Bali and driving one yourself is one of the most effective methods to explore Bali’s lots of fantastic websites, riding a bike in Bali allows you navigate even easier, as they enable you to access areas where 4 wheels don’t go.

Passionate web surfers as well as those with a fondness for adventure will locate motorcycles a godsend. By leasing a motorbike in Bali, you can arrange for several day leasings for the size of your remain, as well as at a fraction of the cost if you rent out an auto and also vehicle driver. There are some lawful as well as safety guidelines to take heed upon when renting out a mobility scooter or motorbike. Here’s the lowdown for your Bali journey on two-wheels.

How Bike Rentals in Bali works

Most of rental motorcycles in Bali are the ‘underbone’ and mobility scooter kind, with regional market leaders being Honda and Yamaha, with presently prominent models such as Honda’s user-friendly, automatic-gear Vario, BeAT as well as Scoopy scooters with 110 to 125cc engines.

Major coastline playground such as Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran as well as destinations with rugged terrain but with exotic tourist attractions worth seeing such as Candidasa in East Bali have rental stalls run and also had by residents. Parked bikes are quickly recognisable with signs hung over their number plates or handlebars reading, “Motorbikes for Lease” or “Automobile as well as Bike Rental”, as a lot of provide both. You can pick from day-to-day rentals to an agreed upon return time and also day, and even a hassle-free tryst leave at your hotel. Hotels are typically able to arrange a bike via the concierge, or you can stroll into a warung offering leasings and also ask.

Do We Need an International License to Ride a Bike in Bali?

A global motorcyclists’ license is mandatory to ride a motorbike in Bali. If you haven’t currently scheduled one in your house nation, rental shops can usually get rid of the method for you at a fee. All they need is your reservation details, a key dimension picture as well as an administration charge– someplace between USD 10 to 20 (IDR 14,000-27,000).

In most cases, motorcycle rentals will certainly supply you a Cops Record, known as ‘Surat Kehilangan’ for your ‘lost International Driving Permit’, which is available and also filled out at the police station (with a ‘charge’ of IDR 15,000). This ‘alibi’ is common technique for getting around the law, and also might conserve you when at a police stop. However, it is still unlawful.

You can get a temporary vacationers’ motorcyclist’s license (with limited credibility) at the worldwide services of the Poltabes (city police station) on Jalan Gunung Sanghyang in West Denpasar. You will certainly require to existing originals as well as xeroxes of your passport, KITAS permit, and also pay a fee of around USD 25 (IDR 250,000-300,000). Exact same goes with expats, who can obtain a much longer legitimate ‘SIM C’ motorcyclists’ certificate (just valid for motorcycles– vehicles require a various ‘SIM A’).

There’s no far better method to find the island with a wonderful sense of liberty and also assurance– a simple record could save a lot of headache with website traffic authorities, that have entered into the routine of quiting immigrants on bikes ‘asking’ for ‘fines’ or whatever you have in your purse, in case you don’t have any such lawful records at hand.

Does it come with insurance?

As most motorbike leasings are small and in your area run, do not anticipate much additions with the rent of your bike. However, breakthrough western-managed bike leasings have emerged, the likes of Bali Bike Rental (, which saw the need, as well as supplies premium insurance policy options upon reservation. Website traffic problems in Bali are straight-out harmful, yet in instance of events, it’s a good thing you’re covered, and can appreciate a 100% hassle-free holiday experience in Bali. In all cases, a personal travel insurance policy is advised.

How much on average?

Thinking about all remain in good condition, neighborhood leasings supply their Honda Varios from IDR 50,000 to 75,000 daily, as well as much less for lower cc bikes such as the Scoopy versions. Bali Bike Rental guarantees fresh new bikes as they release those exceeding a specific mileage, with day-to-day leasings beginning with USD 5.95 (IDR 80,000). Huge bikes such as Harley-Davidsons are available at the Dewata Harley Davidson on Kuta’s Dewaruci roundabout, which offers different packages, beginning with USD 100 (IDR 1.4 million) for four-hour leas including a tourist guide, as well as USD 55 (IDR 750,000) for self-rides. Storage tanks are normally half to complete.

What to Check For…

Check your bike for noticeable damages as well as scratches– make certain the owner acknowledges them. Prevent being a victim of a fraud where you are criticized for minor problems. Even take into consideration breaking photos as proof. So you do not obtain condemned. Frauds, although primarily isolated, can happen, from ‘small sabotages’ to ‘calculated theft’, where you wind up extorted.

Familiarise yourself on the bike and also its controls. Analyze the bike’s safety: effective brakes, responsive gas throttle, functioning fronts lights switches, etc. Turn them all on, including revving the engine. Keep in mind that many rental bikes are automatic equipments, or referred to as ‘matic’, with front and rear brakes being deal with lever brakes– it is much safer to use them together at the same time. Obtain an appropriate headgear with a strap that fits well and ‘clicks’.

Tips and advices

Constantly use a helmet as well as safety apparel. Riding a motorbike is freeing, wind-in-hair sensation, yet don’t ride around shirtless or without a headgear. Besides for your own safety, disobedient riding only welcomes precise police stops and also contempt amongst local motorcyclists.

Do as the locals do’ doesn’t completely put on motorbike riding in Bali. They generally surpass or zigzag with dense traffic without switching over sign lights, blast with traffic signals, and ‘giving way’ seems non-existent. Regional riding designs may look enjoyable and appealing … just do not do it for your very own safety and security’s sake, comply with signs and be a reasonable biker in all times.

Riding with a GPS or GPS-enabled smartphone can be a wonderful aid when driving in Bali. In case of a flat tyre, ask a local for aid or instructions to the closest roadside repair service stall (there are lots of in metropolitan as well as satellite locations) to obtain it patched for around a dollar (IDR 15,000).

Constantly examine your fuel levels while on the road– automated equipment mobility scooters tend to drain pipes faster than hand-operated equipment types. A lot of models have approximate 4-litre tanks, with gas type marketed in Indonesia as ‘Premium’, at only half a buck (IDR 7,300) per litre. State-owned gasoline terminals (SPBU Pertamina) are practically almost everywhere, within close radiuses and in primary areas.

Where and How to find them

Nearly all primary coastline resort areas have locally-managed motorcycle rentals (as an additional offering besides cars and trucks). It’s simpler to ask your hotel’s concierge, that may additionally refer and also prepare one for you, as well as have an offered motorcycle brand and kind handed over to your resort at predetermined time and also day.

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