How to Stay Safe when Traveling in Bali, Indonesia

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How to Stay Safe While Walking, Driving and Swimming Around Bali

How to Stay Safe when Traveling in Bali, Indonesia

Staying risk-free when visiting Bali takes an entirely different skill set than the one you include from the West. Take the ordinary Balinese roadway: there are no guidelines for managing pedestrians (regarding motorcyclists are worried) so you need to look both methods and also move fast when you cross the road.

Safety is much less a certain offer overall around this or else perfect island: snatch-theft, car crashes, as well as undertow are very actual possibilities in Bali, the example the traveling agent generally doesn’t tell you.

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Keeping Your Belongings Secure

Theft is a relatively reduced danger in Bali, however snatch-theft and also burglary from hotel spaces are not unidentified. A colleague of this author was once victimized by burglars’ breaking and participating in their hotel area (that colleague and also her sister were privileged to get away relatively unscathed, though they were burglarized of their valuables). So Bali is not 100% safe; consequently the following preventative measures require to be adhered to:

  • Maintain windows and doors safely locked when away from your resort room, or at night.
  • Bring just copies of your passports and travel documents; leave the originals locked up in your hotel area.
  • Use the hotel’s safe or security box when available.
  • When checking out Bali, keep your belongings in a front-carry bag.
  • Utilize your hotel safety box if there is one readily available. Otherwise, then lug all your prized possessions in a front bring pouch. You are secure on the road however it is the important things you leave in some resorts that are at danger.

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Safety on the Street in Bali

Bali’s famously disorderly traffic situation can cause difficulty if you’re not gotten ready for it. Whether you’re a pedestrian or aspiring driver, the following rules can spell the difference in between an enjoyable Bali getaway as well as a week in grip or even worse.

On the street: stop, look, listen. There are no traffic policies in Bali, just pointers. Therefore crosswalks (when you can discover them) don’t get much regard, nor do the pedestrians treading on them.

Don’t think that automobiles will certainly stop as you go across – motorbikes will certainly work around you without quiting. Presume that the lorry has the right-of-way, always, and also you’ll stay secure.

Don’t drive yourself – get a car with driver instead. If you’re intending to get around the island by yourself, you could be tempted to employ a self-drive automobile in Bali (particularly if you satisfy the demands). Yet if you value your life, do not drive your own method.

Rent an auto with a vehicle driver instead; the costs are not that far more pricey, and you can loosen up while the motorist uses his intimate understanding of the roadway to get you around.

Say no to riding a self-drive motorcycle. You’re absolutely enabled to rent out a self-drive bike, but whether it’s a sensible decision is something else completely. There are too many instances of tourists getting injured or killed riding scooters in Bali, so if it were up to us, we strongly suggest you avoid renting a self-drive motorcycle, if you want to get out of Bali in one piece.

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Staying on the Right Side of the Law in Bali

The majority of travelers in Bali do not think excessive concerning the regulation, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you want to stay away from the Balinese authorities.

Don’t buy drugs in Bali. The drug laws in Bali and the rest of Indonesia comply with a pattern established by the drug regulations in the rest of Southeast Asia – they’re stringent and also prepared to make an example of any vacationer crazy enough to be caught delighting in illegal drugs while on the island.

Regardless of the drastic anti-drug legislations, tourists often obtain stealthy drug deals while walking on the streets, with disguised pusher slyly murmuring offers of low-cost marijuana or mushrooms to likely-looking tourists. If this happens to you, walk away. You’re likely to locate on your own entrapped in a drug sting.

Don’t smoke in public areas. Since November 28, 2011, a “smoke-free” law has actually entered into effect across Bali, banning smoking cigarettes in most public areas. Locations off-limits to smoking cigarettes include dining establishments, resorts, temples, traveler attractions, medical facilities, and also schools. Cigarette smokers captured violating the law might be imprisoned for up to six months and/or fined as much as US$ 5,500 (IDR 50 million). (source)

Safety on the Beach in Bali

Bali’s beaches count amongst the island’s top tourist attractions, but they still aren’t 100% secure for tourists. Riptides, the hot sun, as well as even tsunamis existing concrete risks for swimmers in Bali, however adhering to a couple of straightforward preventative measures can place your uncertainties regarding Bali’s beaches to remainder.

Mind the red flags. The coastlines on the southwest component of Bali are recognized to have harmful split tides and also undertows. Unsafe beaches are marked out by warnings. Do not try to swim on beaches with red flags, as these coasts have strong currents that can sweep you out to sea.

Read the tsunami information in your hotel. Unforeseeable and disastrous tsunamis have actually until now prevented visiting Bali, however the nearness of Indonesia’s tsunami-causing subduction areas make this kind of catastrophe an opportunity. Ask your resort about tidal wave discharge treatments; or else, locate accommodations at the very least 150 feet above water level and 2 miles inland. A lot more on the subject below: Tsunami in Bali, Indonesia.

Wear lots of sunblock. Apply high-SPF sunscreen to forestall the agony of UV-burned skin; SPF (sun protection factor) of no lower than 40 ought to be adequate for a Bali vacation.

Beware of Bali’s Monkeys

Macaque monkeys are commonplace around Bali, however don’t be deceived by their adorable look. The apes belonging to Bali will not scruple from taking glossy objects and also food from unwary tourists. Numerous a vacationer have lost glasses, jewelry and MP3 gamers to these tricky monsters; as well as ignore consuming anything within simple sight of the primates, they’re expert food thieves too.

A lot of close encounters with macaques take place around Pura Luhur Uluwatu as well as the Ubud Ape Forest in Central Bali. Lack of knowledge of monkey behavioral patterns often precipitates ape attacks; tourists that smile at the monkeys risk an immediate assault, as macaques analyze bared teeth as hostility.


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