Pai Canyon : The Complete Guide

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Pai Canyon (Kong Lan in Thai) is one of the most preferred natural attraction situated near Pai, the prominent visitor community in North Thailand.

Although the name indicates geological magnificence, Pai Canyon isn’t actually that large. Regardless, views from the slim trails are outstanding, and sundown is an incredible attract the nights.

Hiking and lingering around the canyon will not take more than a number of hours, however be alerted: the height and lack of railings give more than a couple of vacationers sweaty palms!

How to Get There

Pai Canyon is found on Highway 1095, the primary north-south highway, around 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of Pai town in Mae Hong Boy Province.

When driving southern from Pai towards Chiang Mai, seek the parking area on the ideal shortly after passing the “Love Strawberry” destination left wing. If you see the Memorial Bridge on the left, you have actually gone also far.

The most effective method to obtain between the many small views and also destinations in Pai is to lease a scooter. Leasings begin at US $5 daily. If you aren’t comfy on two wheels, search for a songthaew (pickup truck transport with bench seats in the back), as well as settle on a cost before you enter. Taxi cabs and tuk-tuks aren’t common in Pai.

What to Know Before Visiting

  • Entrance to Pai Canyon is free.
  • Cold beverages as well as snacks are available from stalls at the trailhead.
  • Routes in the canyon are exposed to the sunlight; there isn’t much shade.
  • Getting to the initial viewpoint needs raising lots of stairways.
  • Travelers with a fear of heights may get nervous about hiking past the first viewpoint.
  • The slim tracks and also lack of railing make going much into Pai Canyon unsuitable for children.

Hiking in Pai Canyon

Hiking in Pai Canyon isn’t regarding a network of tracks; you can’t get lost, and also no map or survival equipment is needed. Technically, there is just one route with some viewpoints that jut out. The dirty trails are exposed and elevated over the trees. Some come to be narrow with perilous declines of over 100 feet on both sides. Also if the heights never mind you, you will be revealed to the sunlight for a lot of the moment there.

If you’re serious regarding clambering bent on further viewpoints, you’ll have a much better, more secure experience with sports shoes or hiking boots. Although lots of backpackers do scramble via the canyon with sandals, there are a few areas where you’ll need to make use of all four arm or legs and also have dependable traction on the rocks.

The most effective time to hike and also rush in Pai Canyon remains in the morning. You’ll require to show up prior to 10 a.m. to beat the oppressive mid-day warm. Evenings cool down a little, but the sun-warmed rocks still emit warm.

Big groups begin getting here around 5:30 p.m. for sundown, and lots of people may intend to scramble about before it begins. Routes are direct with certain pinch-points along the way that can congest the flow of the path. If someone up ahead is having trouble browsing the challenge, you’ll have to wait.

The very first perspective is pretty well accessible to hikers of all degrees yet requires raising a lengthy stretch of smooth staircases. An extra set of stairs results in a viewing platform where individuals queue for photos.

Sunset at Pai Canyon

Catching sunset at Pai Canyon is a popular task in Pai. Mobility scooters and also songthaews collect in the parking lot as groups rounded up around descend on the “edge.” During high period, specifically the months in between December and also March, you’ll want to show up a little early.

Ironically, some of one of the most stunning programs occur throughout the “burning season” (March to Might) when smoke as well as particle matter airborne assistance exaggerate the dazzling shades.

Suggestion: If you’ve currently seen the sundown at Pai Canyon, or it was a little as well busy, a good option is to climb up the lots of stairs and watch from the huge White Buddha statuary (Wat Phra That Mae Yen) near community. Keep in mind, this “sunset spot” is a holy place, not just a vacationer attraction; treat it as a sacred location.

Other Nearby Attractions

Pai Canyon will only take one to two hours, depending on how long you linger. When finished, you’ve got plenty to see and do along Highway 1095.

  • Memorial Bridge: a mile south of the canyon on the right is the old Memorial Bridge. Walk throughout the historical bridge and also check out the battle history. Snacks, beverages, as well as ornaments are readily available. Entryway is cost-free, as well as it takes about 20 minutes to see.
  • Land Split: Drive north from Pai Canyon 3.1 miles, after that seek indicators suggesting a turn on the left for Pam Bok Falls. If the little roadway passes by the left side of a holy place, you’ve found the best one. The Land Split was triggered by seismic activity in 2008. Pleasant farmers in the location supply some dried out fruit and native treats, and also visitors are invited to sit down for a conversation. The price is totally free, however a little contribution is recommended. This trip will take around thirty minutes amount to.
  • Pam Bok Waterfall: If you’re clothed to get wet, take into consideration continuing down the exact same road as the Land Split to the Pam Bok Falls. The beautiful waterfall is located at the end of a chasm and also offers the perfect way to cool off (presuming there is water) after roasting at Pai Canyon. The autumn is barely a drip throughout top of the completely dry period. You’ll require to wade a little to enjoy it.
  • The Bamboo Bridge: Continuing past the waterfall brings you to Benefit Ko Ku So Bridge. The bamboo bridge twists via rice paddies that are especially verdant and beautiful throughout the expanding (wet) period. As with the land split, the friendly folks running the cafe at the beginning of the bridge are a big component of the reason for checking out. Price is complimentary, and the moment it’ll require to do this has to do with 30 minutes.

Trekking in Pai

Pai Canyon will certainly inhabit, at best, a single early morning. If you have an interest in more significant trekking in Pai, doing so self-guided is extremely challenging. Routes might not be well noted; some overlook personal property as well as with the rice paddies belonging to towns.

You’re much better off scheduling a proper arranged experience via among the experience companies in town or ask at your function concerning employing a regional guide. An overview as well as transportation to and also from start points are required for multi-day experiences.

Some of the trips available in Pai consist of check outs to indigenous hillside tribe towns and a tasting of neighborhood views of rate of interest. All include food as well as water.


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