5 Best Known Scams to Avoid in Bali

Travel Guide : Scams to Avoid in Bali

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5 Best Known Scams to Avoid in Bali

Bali is a desire island location honored with highlights and experiences not discovered somewhere else and one of the best locations in Indonesia to spend your vacation. However, as in any kind of edge of the world, there are constantly opportunistic individuals who conduct dishonest techniques for individual gain, benefiting from new as well as mainly innocent site visitors. Below is our tiny listing of the most well known frauds to avoid while in Bali, so you can appreciate your Bali holiday smoothly and also not fall victim to petty techniques.

Many scams are instead obvious, from simple techniques to outright rip-offs. But travellers new to the scene as well as excited to discover Bali’s views and scenes may quickly fall into these catches then really feel unpleasant for the whole span of their holiday once they understand what had just happened just as a result of jetlag or small complication on their bearings as well as instructions. Ideal preventative measure is to keep your sound judgment, as well as by openly responding to “No, thanks” whenever your radar beeps.

1. The Money Changer Scam

What this scam is about:

After some time out searching for keepsakes as well as striking a terrific deal at one of Bali’s art markets, you know you have actually lacked Rupiah (IDR) notes for the taxi price back to your hotel. Cash changers are ever-present in and around Bali’s significant shopping areas, with white boards noting outstanding exchange rates as well as flaunting ‘No Payment’ on them.

After the clerk counts the notes in front of you specifically as well as well, he hands them to you with one hand while at the same time flipping or letting an IDR 50,000 or 100,000 note fall behind the counter, all in a fraction of a second.

Tips and How to Avoid:

In this day as well as age, an internet-enabled mobile phone (a smart device a minimum of) can confirm an indispensible tool which assists a whole lot in conveniently checking out the current rates for basic comparison. A lot of money changers are self-titled ‘Authorized’, however you can never ever be so certain. Some are very tiny stands as well as outright dodgy, yet tempt the gullible with boards listing prices also excellent to be true (because they typically are!).

Find out the basic rate versus the advertised rates, and if you encounter a greater offering, confirm whether they apply a commission. When ‘no commission’ and high rates go together, normally it is not an excellent sign. Likewise, crack up your calculator app to make some quick comparisons, as some scams involve set up office calculators, though in really separated as well as rare cases.

The many changers at the departure and arrivals of the Ngurah Rai International Airport are good, where rates are okay and normally competitive. Reputable names in the money changing business in Bali include PT Central Kuta, Wahana and Dirgahayu Valuta Prima, with branches located around Kuta and Legian. The rules, however, apply to all.

You may or may not recount, and also the staff might return any kind of inconsistencies, just to duplicate the technique again. When you recount and also linger, typically hostility ensues, telling you to take your loan elsewhere (which was the suggestion to begin with!).

2. The Taxi Scam

What this scam is about:

Syndicate, no taxi meters, longer courses, no adjustment and extra charges. These are some to keep an eye out for when choosing a taxi in Bali. Ngurah Rai International Airport Terminal has its very own ‘main’ taxi solution, run by the Ngurah Rai Taxi cooperative, which controls a syndicate of the taxis at the flight terminal.

Some individual drivers may supply you their solutions, yet to stay clear of haggling, proceed to the counters just outside arrivals. Rogue porters may hurry to assist with your baggage however bill an overstated fee once they pack as well as close the trunk. The vehicle drivers are typically complicit.

Tips and How to Avoid:

Whenever feasible, arrange for shuttle services offered by your hotel or vacation home (primarily complimentary for certain ranges as well as locations), including flight terminal transfers depending upon your reservation details. Nicely refuse any kind of doorpersons, or if no other choice, agree upon a reasonable quantity in advance. Outside the airport, opt for metre taxis just.

Airport taxis are without meters, and are prepaid or use predetermined vouchers which you pay the driver upon reaching your destination. The rates are flat based on distance zones, and generally higher than meter rates. A ride to the neighbouring beach resort areas of Kuta, Jimbaran and Seminyak, range between IDR 80,000 to IDR 100,000 while the farther areas such as Sanur and Nusa Dua from IDR 125,000.

Outside the airport, you have choices of meter taxis run by countless drivers. These include the trusted Bluebird. Guideline is constantly ask whether there is a meter to save on your own the bargaining, right after flagging down one on the road. If your journey consists of the brand-new Bali Mandara toll road (mainly to Nusa Dua and also Sanur), request for the invoice at the toll gateway, which must be IDR 10,000 for cars, one means.

Always be ready with tiny Rupiah modification, as it is all too typical for chauffeurs to say they don’t have modification for your IDR 79,300 fare for instance, and you ‘d be ‘forced to’ pay with IDR 100,000 note and quit the difference, unwillingly treating it as a tip. Finest traveling in a team, and reject when provided a ‘per person’ fare. Prices ought to overlook luggage in the trunk. The key is to be strong and also agree upon prices prior to jumping in for the trip.

3. Unnecessary Guides

What this scam is about:

Rogue as well as unlicensed overviews, payments, and also costs for solutions you didn’t request for. There are several unlicensed tour guides about, living off payment by taking you to ‘advised’ stores, dining establishments or ‘extra intriguing’ areas aside from the one( s) you really planned. They will usually also attempt to persuade you regarding a dining establishment or website being closed or bankrupt, and divert you to their commission-based ‘choices’.

Several of the biggest holy places in Bali, especially those in remote and also poorer areas, such as Besakih in the Karangasem regency, have their very own neighborhood guides in place, who are mainly unregulated or trained, as well as in extremely separated cases have known to charge outrageous costs for ‘temple excursions’ in addition to the currently paid, taken care of ticket cost.

Tips and How to Avoid:

Beware when booking a freelance ‘driver + guide’ in Bali. You could end up with one clueless about the route or websites, or simply incapable to effectively communicate. Constantly book from a trusted agency or with your hotel trip desk/concierge, to which you can submit a complaint in case issues happen.

For regional temple overviews, even though it aids the neighborhood economic climate in a manner, you should not be paying over IDR 50,000 for such ‘services’ all the same. What appears to be an included service up front can quickly develop into haggling for a pointer or charge to continue midway via your ‘scenic tour’. In many cases, you do not actually require a guide or get anything.

The only points needed in any kind of Bali temple browse through are your considerate attitude as well as clothes, basically a skirt as well as a sash around the waist (usually offered for rent anywhere between IDR 10,000 to 25,000, or consisted of in the ticket cost).

4. The Timeshare Scam

What this scam is about:

The worldwide fad of timeshares spread to Bali over the previous two decades. Legit ones are actually an excellent idea when sold effectively, offering terrific vacations together with financial investment opportunities. The problem exists are few legitimate ones around. Efforts to subscribe brand-new consumers handle several forms, with most usual being in advance marketing on the roads around packed locations like Jalan Pantai Kuta.

A friendly person or woman approaches you on the coastline, accomplishing their mild sales pitch and offering a ‘lucky scratch n’ win’ of some type. Seems ‘absolutely nothing to lose’ and you have a go, and also just occurs you are ‘extremely lucky’ and also win! Yet to declare the prize, you need to most likely to a certain area with them, which could be a close-by booth, office, or a far hotel, taking a chunk of your valuable holiday time.

There they tape-record your name and also get in touch with information, as well as a long discussion on timeshare resorts ensues, together with all the hard pitches and unique hard-to-resist reduced costs. If you do not buy in after that and there, they still have your contacts and also you’ll hear from them again sooner or later.

Tips and How to Avoid:

Better to simply continue your means, enjoy your valuable vacation time as you meant, and strongly and merely claim, ‘no thanks’.

5. Some Forms of Extortion

What this scam is about:

Extortion comes in lots of forms, from charging you simply for taking photos, being asked to compensate for damaged rental things you never ever triggered, and also even approach cash for an ape! Here are simply a couple of situations.

– Taking photos is really part of the vacation experience, specifically in unique websites, such as the terraced rice paddies of the central highlands. Just be reasonable concerning where you aim your lenses. That old female with a greatly wrinkled face carrying a basket on her head may pass for a cover shot for National Geographic, only to approach you later on for an outrageous ‘model fee’.

– You have a worldwide chauffeur’s permit and want to find the Bali outback on a leased mobility scooter (those common Japanese brand name two-wheelers). Returning the bike after your wedding day out, the guy checks it and also costs you additional for some ‘damages’ and ‘scratches’. Worst case, the rate of a brand-new bike, considering that it got ‘swiped’!

– Visiting unique holy places or sites such as Uluwatu, along with its crowds of grey long-tailed macaques can be enjoyable, till these natural-born pocket pickers nab your cherished wedding anniversary locket or purse. Sometimes there are little young boys around these sites who recognize their method with the monkeys, as well as can conveniently get your things back … for a big fee, that is.

Tips and How to Avoid:

Just picture the temples, hill and also paddies … none old woman or youngsters. When renting a bike, vehicle, scooter, jet ski, or almost anything that moves, make sure to thoroughly examine its condition. If you find any type of scratches, problems, or abnormalities, report it and also request a far better unit. For the ‘loss and theft’ scenario, never ever leave your leased scooter parked unattended– some syndicates burglarize their very own with a master key.

When going to ape woodlands, or holy place websites with apes, avoid using loosened things, too much accessories or jewellery. Additionally, avoid anyone handing you packets of chopped cassavas, peanuts or bananas as well as forcefully placing them in your hand as well as gesturing you to feed the apes. These morsels aren’t absolutely free.

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