Bangkok's Erawan Shrine: A Complete Guide

Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine: A Complete Guide

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 Bangkok's Erawan Shrine: A Complete Guide

The Erawan Temple in Bangkok, understood in Thai as Saan Phra Phrom or Saan Thao Maha Phrom, may be little, but its tradition allows. Tourists like the cost-free conventional dancing efficiencies often seen there. Citizens stop heading to function to pray or give thanks for supports.

Unlike holy places that call for more time to check out, the Erawan Shrine is found on among the busiest walkways in Bangkok. The wonderful gives off flower garland and burning joss sticks permeate the air.

The statuary of Phra Phrom– the Thai interpretation of the Hindu god Brahma– isn’t even very old. The original sculpture was ruined irreparable in 2006 and rapidly changed. No matter, the Erawan Shrine remains to be popular with Buddhists, Hindus, and also the Sikh community in Bangkok.

The History of the Erawan Shrine

An old animist customized in Thailand, “spirit homes” are erected beside buildings to quell spirits possibly displaced by the building and construction. The larger the building, the much more lavish a spirit residence should be. Erawan Shrine began as the huge spirit home for the state-owned Erawan Hotel built in 1956. The Erawan Resort was later on changed by the privately possessed Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel in 1987.

According to tradition, construction of the Erawan Resort was plagued with mishaps, injuries, as well as even fatalities. Professionals astrologists determined that the hotel was not built in an auspicious way. A sculpture of Brahma, the Hindu god of development, was needed to make things right. It worked; the Erawan Resort later on thrived.

A temple to Brahma was positioned outside the hotel on November 9, 1956; it has progressed in charm and function over the years. Despite having simple beginnings as a struggling resort’s spirit residence, the Erawan Shrine has become one of the most visited shrines in the city!

When it comes to the namesake, “Erawan” is the Thai name for Airavata, the three-headed elephant that Brahma was stated to have ridden.

Where Is the Erawan Shrine?

You certainly will not have to go out of your way or see an obscure neighborhood to see the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok The renowned shrine is located in the Pathum Wan Area, the active, business heart for serious buying in Thailand’s resources!

Discover Erawan Shrine situated at the northwest corner of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, in the really prominent Ratchaprasong junction where Ratchadamri Road, Rama I Roadway, as well as Phloen Note Roadway satisfy. Lots of shopping malls as well as shopping complexes are within very easy walking distance.

The local BTS Skytrain station to Erawan Shrine is Note Lom, although you can walk from Siam Station (the busiest and largest Skytrain station) in around 10 minutes. Chit Lom gets on the Sukhumvit Line.

The labyrinthine CentralWorld shopping center is simply across the large junction from the temple. The MBK mall, popular to spending plan travelers as a more budget friendly alternate laden with phonies– has to do with a 15-minute leave.

Visiting the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok

Although the temple has actually progressed right into a hasty stop for locals, tourists on shopping missions, as well as directed groups alike, it does not actually advantage taking significant travel plan time. As a matter of fact, several travelers snap a picture or 2 as well as maintain walking.

Do not anticipate a calm holy place experience: the Erawan Temple is usually congested as well as disorderly. Unlike the ancient temples in places such as Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai, it’s not actually an area to linger as well as contemplate in tranquility. That claimed, strategy to spend time enough time to enjoy a dancing efficiency while observing exactly how a stop at the shrine has actually become incorporated right into daily life for many locals.

For a more authentic experience, defeat excursion groups and also see Erawan Temple throughout early morning heavy traffic (between 7 and 8 a.m.) when residents are quiting to pray while on the way to work. Try not to hinder worshipers that have actually limited time. The pedway from the Tab Lom terminal offers good pictures from above.

The standard dancers often seen near the temple actually aren’t there to attract or captivate visitors– although they do both. They are worked with by adorers that want to gain benefit or appreciate for petitions answered. Occasionally, you can also take pleasure in Chinese lion dancing troupes there.

Be respectful! Although the Erawan Shrine has actually come to be a tourist magnet, it’s still taken into consideration among one of the most vital Hindu temples in Bangkok. Some would certainly suggest it is just one of the most important shrines to Brahma in Asia. Don’t be obnoxious or ill-mannered throughout your brief check out.

Safety Tips for Visiting the Shrine

Although tormented with cases in the past, the Erawan Temple is no less secure to go to than various other locations in the city.

The added police existence around the temple develops some tourist-targeted scams instead of discourages them. One of the longest-running frauds includes policeman in the Sukhumvit Roadway area watching from the elevated walkways for travelers who smoke or jaywalk. The police officer indicate an existing cigarette butt on the street and also asserts you dropped it, therefore you obtain fined for littering.

Even though citizens and also drivers might be smoking nearby, tourists occasionally get selected to pay costly fines right away.

When ready to leave the temple, don’t consent to a “tour” from a tuk-tuk driver. Either find a cab driver going to make use of the meter or discuss a tuk-tuk for a fair price (they don’t have meters).

Giving a Gift

Although going to the Erawan Temple is cost-free, some people choose to provide a little gift. Cash money from contribution boxes is utilized to maintain the location and gets distributed to charities.

Countless people offering flower garland (Phuang Malai) will possibly approach you at the shrine. The lovely, jasmine-scented chains are generally scheduled for newlyweds, thanking high-level authorities, as well as for embellishing sacred locations. Bangkok isn’t Hawaii– do not put on the flowers around your neck! Location the garland offering with the others on the railing that shields the statuary.

Candles as well as joss sticks (incense) are additionally readily available. If you select to get some, light them at one time from one of the oil lights that are maintained burning. Wait in line, get to the front, give thanks or make a demand as you hold the joss sticks to both hands, after that position them in the assigned trays.

Worshipers frequently make offerings– sometimes also fruit or drinking coconuts– to every of the 4 faces. If possible, walk the statue in a clockwise direction.

Pointer: You’ll come across individuals marketing little, caged birds at some holy places as well as shrines in Southeast Asia. The concept is that you can acquire value by releasing the bird– a kindness. Unfortunately, the damaged birds do not delight in flexibility for long; they are typically netted once again nearby and also marketed. Be an extra responsible traveler by not sustaining this technique.

Places to Visit Near Erawan Shrine

Although lots of eating and also shopping can be discovered close by, the Erawan Shrine isn’t within easy strolling distance of the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, as well as the typical sightseeing stops in Bangkok.

You can combine a visit to Erawan Shrine with some of these other interesting sights in the area:

  • Jim Thompson House: The Jim Thompson House uses an intriguing social experience, brief scenic tours, and an enjoyable garden. Jim Thompson’s strange disappearance is one of Southeast Asia’s finest kept secrets. His beautiful house has to do with a 20-minute walk from Erawan Temple, or you can take the Skytrain one stop previous Siam Station to the National Stadium Station and stroll from there.
  • Bangkok Art and Culture Centre: Also near the National Stadium Station, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre showcases local artists in a pleasant facility. With a little luck, you may even catch a fashion show by local designers!
  • Lumphini Park: If you have actually had your fill of clogged up sidewalks, Lumphini Park is just a 15-minute stroll south along Ratchadamri Road. The ponds, strolling path, and Chinese structure supply a break from Bangkok’s loud speed.

Cultural Insights

Somehow, the Erawan Shrine provides a social microcosm that shows simply exactly how deeply religion is linked with life, in addition to good luck, superstitious notion, and also animism– the belief that spirits live in and around whatever.

Although Thailand mostly prescribes to Theravada Buddhism, and also Brahma is a Hindu divine being, that doesn’t stop citizens from paying respect. You’ll regularly observe individuals from all social classes that nod, briefly bow, or offer a wai with their hands when passing the Erawan Shrine– also when rolling by on the Skytrain!

Remarkably, there aren’t numerous temples in India devoted entirely to Bhrama. The Hindu god of production seems to have a larger following outside of India. The Erawan Temple in Bangkok is among the most prominent, along with a shrine at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Even Southeast Asia’s largest nation might be called after Bhrama: words “Burma” is believed to have originated from “Brahma.”.

The praise of Brahma by non-Hindus in China is rather common. Thailand is home to one of the biggest ethnic Chinese neighborhoods worldwide– for this reason why Chinese lion dancing efficiencies occasionally replace traditional Thai dancing at Erawan Temple.

Incidents at Erawan Shrine

Perhaps the centralized place can be criticized, however the Erawan Temple in Bangkok has actually accumulated somewhat of a tumultuous history offered its age as well as size.

  • 2006: The initial statue of Brahma was ruined by a 27-year-old male with a hammer. Road sweepers chased down the vandal and actually defeated him to death. The male was later figured out to have actually been mentally unstable.
  • 2010: The CentralWorld complex across the intersection from the shrine was burned down during anti-government protests.
  • 2014: Much of the fighting during anti-government protests leading up to the military coup took place near the shrine. Bullet holes and damage were repaired.
  • 2015: The Erawan Shrine was the site of the 2015 Bangkok bombing, a terrorist attack that left 20 dead.
  • 2016: A car crashed into the shrine, injuring seven worshipers. Terrorism was ruled out; the driver of the vehicle had suffered a stroke.

The 2015 Erawan Shrine Bombing

The Erawan Temple was the target for a terrorist assault on August 17, 2015. A pipeline bomb detonated at 6:55 p.m. while the temple was active. Sadly, 20 people were eliminated as well as a minimum of 125 injured. A lot of the sufferers were Oriental travelers.

The sculpture was only slightly damaged, as well as the temple was resumed in two days. The assault created a sag in tourist; an investigation is still ongoing.